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"Supporting the Oil & Gas Industry"

We handle the regulatory nightmare that oil & gas regulations require from drilling to production.  More importantly we handle the time-consuming monthly reporting to State and Federal agencies where your wells are located.  This is a burden all operators must contend with no matter what type of well you have.  All you, the operator, has to do is provide monthly well activity (gauge reports and run tickets) and we do the rest.

Below is an example of the monthly reporting demanded on the most burdensome of wells - an oil & gas well on federal land in New Mexico.  This is a minimal situation.  The reporting could be more involved if special circumstances are involved.


C-115 - Production report required by Oil Conservation Division.

* MMS-3160 - Onshore production report required by Bureau of Land Management.

* Effective October 1, 2001, the Minerals Management Service is implementing a new financial system.  The new system is part of an agency-wide reengineering effort that has been underway since 1996.  As part of this initiative, they are making numerous changes to their production reporting processes.  The MMS-3160 will be eliminated.   This is a one (1) page report with supplemental pages for onshore Federal leases that have more than seven (7) wells.  The replacement reporting format will consist of three (3) pages.

MMS-2014 - Monthly Federal Royalty Report required by Minerals Management Service for reporting monthly royalties when there are product sales.  Accompanies payment for royalties due.

The New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Department requires two (2) reports for reporting monthly taxes when there are product sales.  Accompanies payment for taxes due.

A total of five (5) different reports currently must be filed for one (1) month, on one (1) typical federal well operated in the State of New Mexico.  All five (5) reports have different due dates.  Add to this, disbursements to royalty owners as well as annual reporting and payments that come along with operating any well and you have a time-consuming nightmare.  A nightmare which Oil Reports & Gas Services, Inc. can turn into a peaceful dream.

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